Reasons for Stopping Nail Biting

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Reasons for Stopping Nail Biting

Once you understand the triggers that make you bite your nails, then the choice of stopping is truly your own. You can through substitution to stop this behavior. The control is no longer a matter of an unconscious urge, versus your conscious decisions. You might however, still wish to simply go about your life as you always have. Again, this is your decision, however there are consequences for that decision that you should understand.

When other people see your nails, they will make judgments about your personal appearance. That isn’t entirely fair, as they don’t truly know you, but everyone does this to a certain extent. Chewed on, jagged nails that are down to the quick and raw looking aren’t attractive. Hiding your nails is almost impossible. At some point, you must have grown tired of the comments about your fingernails. It might make you angry to hear these statements, but is this a misplaced emotion? Perhaps the real target of your anger should be the habit itself.

Another reason to get a little angry at the nail biting habit is the risk it’s making you take. When you chew at the cuticle of your nail you are removing a natural protection for the nail bed. This is why painful, fungal infections are common for people who chew or bite their nails, and it can cause deformity in the nail.

Over time, constant nail biting itself can cause deformity or lack of growth in the nail. Along with the risk of infection, it is a serious possibility that one or more of your nails could be permanently deformed. When you think about it, something so small as a fingernail is causing you to risk your appearance and your health.

Change is difficult, especially when it is a habit of a lifetime you are trying to control. When you reach a point of wanting to stop filing or using another substitute understand that you have the right to what everyone else has in your appearance and in your health. One small habit shouldn’t have the power to take that away.

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