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Nail Biting in Kids and Children What you need to know

Nail biting is, according to Freudian theory, a symptom of oral fixation.

Nail biting is a very common habit that mostly affects kids but it can be present in adults and older people too.

nail biting can be anything from a bad habit to an outward symptom of a medical or emotional disorder.

Chronic Onychophagia, the clinical name for nail biting. It is estimated that: 28% to 33% of children ages 7-10 years old, 44% of adolescents, 19% to 29% of young adults and 5% of older adults are nail biters

Children may pick up a nail biting habit from a babysitter or family member as a learned behavior. Attention-Seeking, need for oral gratification, sociopathy, lack of self monitoring or self esteem, obsessive-compulsive

1. Observe when your child bites his nails. Take note of where is he, who he's with, what he's doing and what time of day he bites his nails. Understanding why he is biting nails will help you solve the problem. For example, if he's biting his nails on the way to his new nursery school he might be feeling anxious about this major life shift. If you find ways to help reduce that stress, it will remove the need for him to bite his nails.

2. Increase your child's awareness about how and why nail biting is a bad habit. According to Nail Care Tips nail biting could increase your child's risk of getting ill, so ask your daughter to wash her hands when you see her biting nails. This routine might also remind her that she could be putting germs in her mouth that can make her sick.

3. Reward your child when he reaches a milestone that you have set for him. For example, if he goes a whole day without biting his nails, give him a special treat. This will provide him with positive reinforcement to stop biting his nails, instead of negative reinforcement which could cause deeper issues.

4. Adult nail biters are just Kids who never stopped!

If you want to stop, you can start right now. Control-It! and our highly motivated Gold Star Program for children and adults has changed the way this habit is seen and treated with a whole new perspective, you are in control and it's easy. Just keep the product applied daily.

The cream feels soothing to damaged little fingers on application, no burning or stinging, the product is invisible and has no smell, it rubs in just like hand cream. Included with every order is our famous Gold Star Treatment Plan. Follow our proven steps to achieve success.

You need to build on this success and use the cream consistently, every day for several weeks, effectively preventing the nail biter from doing more damage and allowing the healed fingertips to start producing fingernails.

After a couple of weeks the nails will start to grow in, it is important at this time to use the cream even more since the new nails and cuticle tissue can be tempting for the nail biter.

Continue treatment for the full six weeks discounted package to ensure the highest long term success rate and delivery of the vital nutrients needed for the rehealing and new growth of the nails.

Get on the program, you will see results in just days!

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